Errors with functional living ink meant his facial skin graft photosynthesised light. Deciduous, his face casts cells in autumn, regrows each spring. In a fascinating development in 3-D printing, researchers have created a living ink, embedded with the bacterium Acetobacter xylinum. This bacterium produces cellulose, which can be used as scaffolds for skin replacements and more. These advances…


During the Hydrocarbon Era (ca 1790-2040 CE), humans loved burning so much, they would ritually inhale smoke. – A brief history of Earth, 2357 CE Usage of fossil fuels is rising slower, and renewables are increasing faster, than predicted only a few years ago. We are approaching the end of the fossil-fuel-burning era, coincidentally at…


The quiet but incessant scratching noise from the ceiling had annoyed me throughout the day. I finally marched up the apartment block to my neighbor’s unit — only to see on their door “away on holiday, back next month”. Go to Source

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