She put on her somber face, just in case there was a God. And, hand to mouth, tried hard not to laugh when I impersonated the priest. Divya Kishore studies medicine and aims to become conversant in sports metaphor. Go to Source


Leave him, he told her. You have the house, the investment property. You need nothing else. Nothing. Soon, he’d made himself irrelevant too. Jason Peck lives in Pittsburgh and edits After Happy Hour Review. Go to Source


They forced him from Themiscyra, as they exiled all boys, no matter how he protested that he felt like an Amazon inside. Sean Vivier is a web developer, a ballroom dancer, and a writer. Go to Source


The chapters of his life are not in order but the verbs are strong. AJ Atwater’s stories are forthcoming or published in Literary Orphans, The Gravity of the Thing, PANK, and others. Go to Source

Ranch House

By James Z. Schwartz A garden-variety ranch house on a street full of garden-variety ranch houses. His tidy room’s a refuge from dirty dishes, unmade beds, soiled laundry. Go to Source


My favorite band came to town. I paid $300 for floor seats so Amanda and I could watch the show through the lens of other people’s iPhones. Michael Snyder writes (mostly) fiction, has been published in many places, and lives in TN with his amazing wife, children, and animals. Go to Source


“Terminal, go!” “I’m not voice activated.” I touched its keypad. It purred. I began typing. It wheezed with pleasure: “Please, don’t stop.” @NathanHillstrom studied Computer Science, worked on Wall Street, and now writes in beautiful San Diego. Fiction in Asimov’s & others. Go to Source


The house he’d shared with his wife of many years had burned. With nowhere left to mourn her passing, it was time, at last, to see the world. Justin DeFerbrache teaches English in South Korea. Go to Source Author: Nano

Mid-Autumn Moon

The lake was alive with lights — the lanterns on the boats, golden and round, like hundreds of miniature suns, and the moon, so heavy on the horizon that it was difficult to believe that it would be able to climb any higher in the sky. The foxes smiled debonairly as they steered the boats.…

A Fratricide

The evidence shows that this is how the murder was committed:Schmar, the murderer, took up his post about nine o’clock one night in clear moonlight by the corner where Wese, his victim, had to turn from the street where his office was into the street he lived in.The night air was shivering cold. Yet Schmar…

How Did I Get Here Bruce

On each floor, across from the elevator, is a chute where we plummet garbage down to the basement incinerator. There is no excuse for a cluttered room, messy hallway, overflowing waste can. When you open the metal door, much like an enormous mailbox, the hot breath of rotting and burning blasts in your face, so…

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