Psychiatrist Li handed me the prescription, a mechanical parrot. Every night it delivers its dosage, tooting three seventh-chord tunes.
Used as a tool in advertising, productivity, and relaxation, music has become a powerful influence on humanity and other biological organisms (even parrots have genre preferences!). For years, science has attempted to quantify this phenomenon, analysing lyrics, chords, and even brain waves to find the links between music and emotion. Inspired by this research, D. A. Xiaolin Spires plucks a familiar chord and composes a new method for delivering musical therapy – mechatronics. Could humans fall asleep to electric parrots? // Alex Massey
//D.A. Xiaolin Spires hums through her shiny antenna. Work in Clarkesworld, Fireside and Analog. @spireswriter daxiaolinspires.wordpress.com//
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Author: Alex Massey

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